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A Vim Oneliner for Converting Ruby Hash Syntax

As of ruby 1.9, hashes that previously looked like:

    :one => '1',
    :two => '2'

can now use the following syntax: ruby { one: '1', two: '2' }

I like this syntax a lot; it’s cleaner, more concise, and more consistent with other languages (javascript, python…). However, many code generators (Rails generators et al.) will still generate code that uses the old syntax. I came upon such an occasion today and wrote the following one-liner in Vim to convert between the two:

%s/:\(\S\{-}\)\(\s\{-}\)=> /\1:\2/

We can further convert this into a command that we can use with a custom range with the following line:

command! -range ConvertHashSyntax <line1>,<line2>s/:\(\S\{-}\)\(\s\{-}\)=> /\1:\2/

This will preserve spacing and ignore cases where hash keys aren’t symbols. For more fun with the vim :substitute command, check out my post that contains an introduction and another sample use case here.

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